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Blind Alley 8., "Retribution" Just released.

13th map in the Blind Alley series for Doom 2. Now running on map one.

How appropriate is the 13th map at Halloween? Very!

A very fun play with decent scenery. No port required.

Under normal play I do not consider it hard to play in UV. In fact, it may well be one of my easier maps. Difficulty of play is comparable to Doom 2 on UV, so no one should have all that much trouble with it after a few runs. Skill levels were added just in case. So, if it is just to easy for you boost it up to fast or respawn, but most people won't need that.

There is a berserk and a chainsaw as well as a fair number of bullets if anyone wants to try tyson style on it. Should be something here for everyone.

None of the secrets are required to finish the map.

You will never have to hunt for ammo in there, that is the least of your problems. I have been a little more generous with health and ammo in this one, so be brave. A real straight forward map. No hard puzzels, just great gameplay in a decent looking map.

Feedback and/or demos always appreciated.

PrBoom version 2.2.3 UV Max demo of the level included in the zip file.
If you are having trouble with the secrets or the battles watch the demo. It is a very do-able map even by this grandpa. ;)

Now get busy, the carnage is waiting!!

Bndaly8.zip at:

Give it a try and post some feedback.

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TUD, that series is alive and well. I took much of the summer off to deal with real life.

And the next map will be out around Thanksgiving with any luck.

Hope you enjoy BA8 while I finish up the next one BAX.

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