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T3H S00P3R D00M RPG!!1!

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It's a Doom RPG! It's based on the original Doom, except with Doomworld peepole. If you want any part in it, even just a dead body or a head on a pole, tell me and you're in. Just post how you wanna look. :P The reasons for my making this thread are :

1. To announce me starting on it
2. Ask if any of you want a part in it

The original Doom maps will be used... And the PSX maps.

It'll have :

PSX Maps (8, I think)

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I wanna be the only marine with green, chin length hair and glasses. I'll draw up a picture/sprite or something of what I am meaning. And if at all possible I want to die at the hands of the final boss after commenting everything looks safe.

Or if that's not possible, I just wanna be a dead marine somewheres.

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Teh cast :

Marine #1:Python_Junkie
Marine #2:Dunbar
Marine #3:------

Gherkin : I think I might make you a part of an enemy. Like, have your head upside down on spider legs, or maybe a head on a pole, or imbedded in the AASHITTY texture? Just speculation, haven't decided of those 3 yet.

Coopersville : Possibly another marine. Not quite sure, see Gherkin.

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...and the dopefish lives. I would like to be another marine. Colour does not matter, but don't make me the gay-pink-one. You could place Quake 2 Marine's bald head instead of the original. Yeah, I wanna be bald!

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