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Community Chest Wad, Map 16

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This is a legacy 1.40 lmp of map 16, cchest.wad - time 5:27.

Methods of Fear by Andy Leaver.

While not nearly as tricky to record as Andy's Map 17 (out on the DSDA), this one is still a blast and fun to play.



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Use3D said:

More cc demos please, these are why I keep Legacy around! *hint

Thanks, but you should submit your demo of map 12. I enjoyed that one.

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nobbjob said:

nice rich. you're gonna be playtesting my new level in a couple of months, ok?

Thanks Alex. Sure, I can try to help you with your new level. :)

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Wow! You guys like that map I made? I always thought I went alittle to far on that map..Like too much health, ammo and so on. Thanks for the comments everyone.

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