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Gherkin - I need to know some Linedef stuff

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I've been trying to add Linedef types to my new cfg file I'm using in Doom Builder, but whatever I do to them causes Doom Builder to not recognize my cfg anymore. What's the proper format to adding a Linedef type to a cfg file? Also in this format, where do I tell it what catagory to put it in?

EDIT: Never Mind, I forgot the semicolons is why it didn't work. I also just figuered out how they go into catagories. They're all sorted by their first word. Interesting.

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I should have made that structure like the Things structure, another structure for each category. But the need for this came in after version 0.9 when all these configs were pretty much done already. So it wouldve been a terrible work to reformat the configs. Thats why the first word (after the type, which should be a space when not used) is meant for category (i already did that for handy sorting in the list version of the linedef types).

Yes, watch out youre not missing the semicolons. The file parser is very flexible regarding whitespace, but it whines like a bitch whenever the syntax is incorrect.

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BTW I know this is going to make you want to swear, but the script editor STILL doesn't work. If you hit compile, it just hangs... I'm using Windows 98 and it doesn't work at all. I can Import, Export, and edit the scripts as long as another editor made it first, but I can't compile it! Grr.... also there is one suggestions, you should really just make your script editor, just like WadAuthor's or at least similar to Deepsea because they are more stable. That's the only bug I've found in the entire thing so you did a WONDERFUL job on making my #2 favourite editor. It would be #1 if you fix that error. It's a good thing you allowed people to make new cfg files otherwise I would get really pissed about trying to use WadAuthor and Doom Builder together. Anyways thx for the tips.

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Gherkin said:

HERE you can download the source. Im done with this stupid thing :)

Yeah I know your done. And you should take a nice looooooooooong vacation. If I was a programmer I might actually look at it, but since looking at that would probably make my head spin it's obvious I can't do a thing. Enjoy your time off from Doom Builder. It will probably last a year or two before your mind can have a clean reboot. Oh well you did one HELL of a job on it anyway. Thx for all the hard work Gherkin you deserve much praise.

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