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Naked Snake

Plasma Rifle

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You stalk the halls. Days. Weeks maybe. You look around the dimly lit room, air stank of decay, and a bodie laying in the middle of a pentagram. Its a marine. Oh well. Just one less carcass walking at you. Wait. Its got something in its hands. A plasma gun! Hell yeah. You used one back in BT (basic training) and have always wanted to get your hands on one. You run but stop. Wait. Maybe its a trap. You ready the minigun (thats not a chaingun in Doom. Its a minigun.) and walk cautiously towards the gun. You take one step on the pentagram. Nothing. Heh. An easy grab. You snatch it and hold it up. You aim it to give it a test fire. Suddenly two walls raise and two hell barons roar in hellish rage. Time to test fire you think. You pull and hold the trigger and blue balls of plasmatic energy fly forth. The first baron is pushed back by the blast. The other who is next to it tosses a green energy ball at you. You stop firing and do a backflip, the fireballs heat underneath you makes you uncomfortable. You fire in a sweeping motion, the sounds of the gun barking forth plasma and the grunts of hell barons. The first baron falls, guts exposed, from the extreme heat melting it. The second is weak. You pull out the rocket launcher and blast a rocket. This is a smart one however as he grabs his buddys corpse and uses it as a shield. The rocket strikes the body, exploding and doing no damage to the other monster. It tosses the body at you, you easily sidestep and fire a rocket. It connects and blows a massive hole in the monsters chest. Its still not dead. You aim and fire again and this time the rocket makes the creatures whole upper body explode. You pant and sit down. Damn that sucked. Then you look down at the plasma gun. It was worth it.

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