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No Windows sound modifiers?

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Like I have mentioned a few times before on these forums, WinDVD (and other DVD software) incorporates Dolby and SRS sound enhancers. They are really, really great (obviously well researched and professionally designed) sound plugins that make DVD and MP3 audio richer, deeper, fuller, and just plain better.

Are there any sound enhancers/plugins that simply attach to Windows or DirectSound output, and apply to all sound you hear in Windows (instead of just in Winamp or whatever)? I really wish it were possible to apply these effects to the general audio output in real-time, and not just on pre-recorded MP3 audio.

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The NVidia Soundstorm audio drivers have a tray config panel with options to that effect.

Dunno about anything else.

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Yeah, isn't it a shame? CPUs are at 3GHz and all they do is idle when you'd prefer to see them work.

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