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Heart UV Max

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From my text file:

heart.wad - Map 3 by Kara "Nanami" Rader
max 98% kills(most possible)/100 secrets
recorded with legacy 1.40

time 11:37 - (UPDATE: See improved 10:16 at the DSDA.)

This is a very nice map. Great gameplay!

If I do one for the DSDA it will be a bit smoother. Just need to practice it a bit.

Note: The max kills are 98% because you cannot kill the two PE statues. Obviously this can be 100% if you allow the archviles to raise up a few dead monsters.



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Searcher said:

Great run Rich.

Damn thats a beautiful map. Slowed my system right down.

Thanks Gene! Also slowed my system down a bit around the red fountain but was still okay to record.

Have a 9:58 time but exited without thinking and left one secret.

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always good to note why 100% is unobtainable. that is the difference between max and 100% -- max means all monsters killed that can be killed.
Nanami has a definite style to mapmaking, I look forward to seeing this one more than usual.

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Rich said:

If I do one for the DSDA it will be a bit smoother. Just need to practice it a bit.

I did managed a 10:15 for the DSDA, which should be posted very soon according to the man - that's of course is the well known Opulent. Loved by some, hated by none and respected by all. Just kidding about the .... part. :)

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Ha! :D
I don't know about the 'hated by none' part.... actually I'm not to sure about the 'loved by any' part either. but your words are nice to hear!
I've already done the Heart demos for the DSDA. really like the openness of the map and the attention to finer details that make the map very memorable. The demo I watched (I think it was Rich, but I don't recall atm) did some very fine monster herding. got ripped off needing 7 ssg shots on one of the final barons too. Definitely a demo worthy of the map.
and, yeah, I've been working on the update at a regular pace now... realistically this weekend. unless I get stuck into that Matrix-marathon or something.. :)

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