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Hexen Trick

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I'm not gonna bother with a full hexen run for now, cus I'd rather have it at skill 5 and working properly. For now I'll try other heretic episodes or some of Grazza's suggestions.

Anyway, this demo was record with zdoom again (-nomonsters), and I dunno if this is a known trick, but it shows the only real shortcut I'm aware of for this game. I cheat here to give myself wings so I can perform them right away, but basically it allows you to exit the hub as soon as the first staircase rises on the seven portals, provided you can make these annoying jumps. I had to try several to make them in this run, and usually the results are far worse. :)

EDIT: oops, also wanted to mention an issue I'm having with zdoom; when I play in fullscreen mode, every once in a while I see an annoying flicker along the outside of the screen. If I watch closely it looks like the outline of the program window itself, and I'm not sure what's causing it.



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Hey, cool demo!
Just one question though: is it really necessary to jump onto those platforms, why not just fly onto them and hit the switches?

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Well, considering that you have to get the Wings of Wrath until the very end of the hub, then yes he had to jump on the platforms. A better way would be to type 'puke 16' in the console. This will raise the center stairs. You can get the Wings of Wrath like usual and fly over like you did before. Just make sure you lower that metal pillar with the three Quartz Flasks (or weapon in skill 3) on top of it or you might get stuck and have to restart the map.

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