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Looking For Best WADs Ever

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A friend told me that he wants to play doom again. i'd like to show him what's possible with all the source ports around and how much fun doom still is.

I'm asking for:
- levels that show off the features of sourceports (slopes, room over room, ...)
- levels with great interactive storylines (scripted events)
- levels with beautiful architecture
- total or partial conversions

In short: all kinds of gems and outstanding mapping-jobs

just suggest a few names, and if possible, where i can find the maps.


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A few suggestions:
No port needed: Alien Vendetta, 2002ADO
Zdoom: Void, LTSD
Legacy: DSV4, Nimrod
jDoom: Doom64 TC

Note: my list of best wads ever would be somewhat different from this, but you asked specifically for good examples of what is possible with the various ports; I also threw in a couple of examples of what is possible with no port. There have been many threads about favourite wads, BTW; do a forum search to find them.

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thx for the list and the hint with the search ... should have thought about doing this in the first place - dumb me

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You're welcome, but please note that using animated graphic smilies in a forum where smilies are deliberately disabled is going to irritate people rather quickly.

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