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Okay this isn't the Greatest but, hey, I created this story in a hour or so I didn't really check it over so there is probably alot of grammer/spelling errors.


Wages of War I
A Story Written by JangoFett

You, a Marine called Jacob Shurtz have been taken to a dungeon by your Commander, not being able to remember why... But you can only remember Him handing you the Plasma Rifle you now hold in your hands along with afew Cells for it. After 15 Minutes of constantly trying to figure out what your mission is you then remember you Commander, Commander Yates, has given you a peice of paper that had your mission written on it. You take the paper out of your pocket and un-crumble it and read it:

"January 15th 2000

Jacob Shurtz,

Your mission is to find the map that the Gorgeian Warriors have been keeping in a room called the 'Spectre Nest' a room filled with Spectres protecting the map(But there is about 5 Spectres in there... Now some of our men killed some). And in the 'Spectre Nest' there should a box holding 100 Cells so be sure to get that. And get a key-card from there.

After getting the map keep it, goto the lab, but you MUST be warned in the lab there should be many Cacodemons so get you Plasma Rifle ready.

After Ridding the Lab from the Cacodemons head to the main Deck, there should be some Bodies of Imps around the door becuase of our men, Take a Small Stone you find in a small hall type place then leave.

Your Commander,
Commander Jay Yates"

Finally remembering your reason to be here you head to the 'Spectre Nest'.....

After 30 Minutes of endless walk you reach the 'Nest', ready your Plasma Rifle and aim and fire... You missed! Being very nervous you aim, not being able to aim you close your eyes and fire! Hearing the loud cry of a Spectre in pain you heart starts beating harder and harder! You see a Spectre next to you... Jumping up you aim a fire, killing the Spectre. 3 more still roam around in the dark room. You aim for 1 and fire missing. You aim again fire again and again and again killing it, You aim for the next and fire again and again and again killing it. You quickly run in the room and get the Gorgeian Warriors map run to the Cells in the corner and run out to the lab.

After 30 minutes of more endless walk you hear the sounds of Cacodemons! Put extra cells in your rifle and fire at them. Having to refill your Plasma Rifle many times you win! You run quickly into the Main Deck kill all the Beasts (Which are: Former Humans, Former Sargeants and 1 Cacodemon) you head to the small hall and get the Stone and run out of the Dungeon!

So thats it. Please tell me what you think about it.

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I know I tried to make a Map based on it but I don't have any full Doom Version but I am hoping to buy the full Doom 2 soon.
But is it good at all?

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