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Doom on he Xbox

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Hi there. I have an Xbox and have been very happy with a port that was made for it buy a guy called Lantus. (http://www.lantus-x.com) and a very good port it is to. Thing is he is saying that he may not do an update for it and he has yet to include DEH or IWAD / PWAD support... no command lines that is.

Back years ago when I used to play doom on PC constantly and even made little partial conversions myself, there was a utility that you could use to INSERT GFX, sound and level wads into the main doom wad. Effectively changing the original wad into the conversion... so you could load the game with out any arguments on the cmd line. It also enabled you to insert multi levels into the wad and it would auto change there levs for you... so if you had a directory of wads all 1.1, it would insert them into the main wad as 1.1-1.5 say. (changing the levels in the inserted wad so it would not overwrite the last wad inserted into the main wad)

Anyway, as doom-X (xbox port for doom) dose not work with cmd lie arguments I was thinking that if I can insert the wads into a main wad, then everything would be cool.

If you guys know of software that can do this then please let me know, it dose not have to do it all in one, I can use a few dif applications to get around this.. I know that the DEH support is beyond the port at the moment, but still.


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I've played with this for a while for the same exact reason...


But low and behold when I did manage to pull it off, it corruted the IWAD, I think it messed up the Lumps. Anyhow I gave up, as Lantus left us with a port, that does not always change weapons, making his port kinda half assed atm. :/

Perhaps someday someone will port over PRDOOM or ZDOOM or something, and add in PWad support.

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alright deu 5.22 and previous versions as well, allow you to press 'b' on the inner command line to build a new main wad file. i'm not sure if this would work on x-box. but i have been awaiting something like this to happen for a long time. if it ends up that it is possible, i know finally what to get for xmas.

does it require a modchip to play doomx too i am assuming?
and does anyone by any chance need an old psx action replay mod chip?

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haha i messed up.

this was a reply to the doom for xbox post and how to build a new main iwad. i wanted to help out because i wanted to try it myself whenever i finally get one, after i conquer munch's oddysee of course

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