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How to upload unto 3darchives

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Ok first of all I miss ftp.cdrom.com !! ... it says that I need to login with a password when I try to put my new deathmatch package onto 3darchives ... Am I going about this all wrong ? somebody please enlighten me on how I can release my wonderfull deathmatch maps

Best regards,

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You are probably doing things correctly. The user limit on 3Darchives is tiny, and I find that if there are too many users online I get prompted for a username and password rather than getting a more helpful message about there being too many users. Just try again at a less busy time and you'll get on.

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Hello moneyman, I'm The Ultimate DooMer, one of the /newstuff chroniclers on these forums. If you have a wad you want to release, the best place to send it is the DooM archive. The Doomworld FAQ will tell you how to do this, and may also answer any other questions you may have about newstuff. The wad will then be reviewed on Sunday by myself or one of the other reviewers. If you have any questions, my contact details are on the bar at the bottom of this post.

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