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Naked Snake

BFG 9000

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You stop. Running from monsters is tiring. You have not slept in three days. Oh you did get a little sleep in the Deimos Anomoly in the room filled with blue bottles and helmets. You looked around the corner. Nothing. But wait. Whats that thing? It looks almost like a gun. No. Its to big to be a gun. Wait. You walk. You use the zoom option on your visor. Hmm. Has a trigger. The words BFG stamped on the side. Maybe it is a gun (you know whats coming huh?). A big fucking gun. Heh. BFG. You almost laugh as you realize thats what BFG means. You creep slowly towards the gun. It might be a trap. Hey, a gun that big must kick grand scale ass. You run and snatch it. Nothing! Ha! Suddenly, 10 imps teleport in. Shit! You pull the trigger. The gun hums but does nothing. Damn must be out of ammo. Then a green ball flies out and hits the middle imp. The others fall and some explode. You look at the readout. Hmm. Uses 40 cells for a shot. Well worth it however. The BFG is the Best Fucking Gun.

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