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Computer setting Question

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When I transferered Doom 2 to my sons older computer : Problems :

Why would a game ( Doom 2 ) which I loaded ....work great for a week then now suddenly every time I load it, it is very very dark and hard to see much except in scanrios of very bright sky. ......note : when when I shut game off the screen setting and brightness all seem to be same unchanged normal ( That computer is like 600 X 800...or whatever ....old kind of resolution ....which is great normally for that old game...and worked fine.....for acouple weeks then suddenly this problem started. ....then I recopied the original game and reloaded it on My sons computer again......and it is still now ALWAYS dark !!! ? plz help



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Ah, that's better. You might want to try the gamma correction or the brightness settings in the options menu. That's all I can think of, unless you'd need to tweak the monitor itself.

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