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Naked Snake


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God. Endless slaughter. Why did the demons have to attack? Damnit. You search for ammo. 1 rocket but no rocket launcher, an empty shotgun and a pistol. Wow! Thats really gonna take down a whole shitload of monsters. Damn. You open a door, pistol ready and you see a bunch of boxes. Most are lab chemicals but hey this base had some weapons. You check a box marked ammo. Shit! It is empty. You kick the box and send it tumbling. You rumage another box. Hmm. Clips and bullet chains. You grab them and put a few in your ammo belt. Another box, stacked high up is marked chaingun. Yes. You use put your visor to use and check out the inside of the box. Yep. A good chaingun. You climb up, a few boxes break and you almost fall, but you made it. Yes. You snatch the chaingun and load it up. The door whirs open and 6 demons followed by a floating skull charge in. Damnit! Nothing goes good for you. You aim for the skull thing. Its the major threat right now. You pull the trigger and a wave of death is sent. The lead pierces the skull monster and it growls in pain. It flies at you like a kamakazi pilot. You duck and it hits the wall with a thud. You shoot again and it blows up, sending you down from your perch. The 6 pink creatures are running around like mad dogs, hungry and pissed off. You aim for the closest one and shoot. The bullets go through its mouth and blow the back of its head up. It falls with a growl and a thud. Three rush at you. You see the barrel and fire. It blows up, the closest getting set on fire, the others just plain 'ol die. The other 2 rush for you. Damn. You fire and miss the mouth. It doesnt stop. It gets close. You kick it, knocking it down. It struggles to get back up and you shoot its head. The other snuck up behind you and claws your arm. Fucker. You whirl around and quickly dispose of the bastard. You wish you didnt have this helmet. You need to wipe the sweat from your brow.

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Way to go, BBG! The quality continues.
/me gives your story 4 thumbs up

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