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Tag/Teamplay Clan

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I am considering the forming of a Tag clan where we play dwango tag (and variants) and teamplay exclusivley..... the clan would have awards, ranks and teams... also.. if the clan goes well ppl would get actual jerseys.. and some other stuff (that I would pay for) We could also host get togethers and stuff... I would be the leader of the clan *shows off credentals* being that I have 3 years in the infantry (Army) 1 1/2 years as a teamleader and 6 mo. as a squad leader (as an E-4) I would supervise training and general tactics layout but members would be fully heard if they had an idea.. A combination of a democracy and a dictatorship
I already came up with a logo, and I'm having an artist render it, but I lack a name.. maybe you guys can help.. The logo is a muscular (though not buffed out) humanoid fox wearing full platemail (minus the helmet) with angel's wings and a highly chromed out double barrel shotty
so there you have it... members of the clan are encouraged to map but it is not a requirement.... I hope that if this takes off we can go pro some day or make our own leauge or something..

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Someone start running loads of dwango tag etc. servers! Also, someone write down the rules of Psychotron's Inferno (ask Psychotron if he remembers) and run a server to play that, please!

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