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Wad of the month contest on Doom Wad Station

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Blue Paladin and I have been brainstorming some ideas that would be pretty cool for the site. Here is what we came up with. Beginning on November 15 and ending on December 15, 2003 Doom Wad Station will be holding the first monthly Wad of the month contest.
The rules are simple
1.) The wad MUST be zdoom compatible.

That DOESN'T mean that you need to edit for Zdoom - it only means that you must make sure that it will run with that port

2.) The regular text file that you find with wads on download MUST be included or the wad will be discarded

3.) All wads must be map01 for Doom2

4.) ANYTHING goes. Be creative, have fun.

5.) Most importantly of all - you MUST email me by Novermber 30, 2003 to let me know you will be participating

So what are the prizes you ask?

1st prize - a copy of the KDX frontend

2nd prize - A cd full of Doom or Doom2 wads - YOUR choice

3rd prize - Doom Wad Station CD

All three top wads will be included in the Doom Wad Station Megawad.

Any questions? Email me at interleave1@earthlink.net

Visit my site: http://members.lycos.co.uk/doomwads

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* myk goes ahead and downloads all the prizes and copies them onto a couple of CDs with his new CD burner.

Hah, that took less work than making a good wad.

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What is KDX? Isnot that King Doom Expierence Doom Launcher?
I had that once, means, I downloaded it somewhere.

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