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Starwars Legacy Update

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As seen on NewDOOM.com, despised by such loosers as Jennifer Lopez!!! It's...

I've added a gay little chat group on Yahoo for the Starwars Legacy project. Basically it is set up for those who are interested in the project, want to contribute, or just wanna talk Starwars or Legacy. No one has signed up, and I am sure no one will, but if you'd like to prove me wrong, the link is here:


Also, I've added my first tutorial to the page which covers Static Scrollers, such as Conveyor Belts. There are screens, and an example wad included. I've also added a couple more beta screens of a map I am currently working on, ect ect. Go here:


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Now... Is this Starwars mod going to feature anything NEW? Anything that hasn't been used in every Star wars TC before hand? Will it have new graphics? Will it use the guns from Dark Forces, just like every Star Wars TC to date? I don't mind the reuse of music and sounds, but I'm tired of playing Doom Forces. The Star Wars mod public needs to see innovation in a starwars TC. Give us Lightsabers, Droids to talk to... maybe some cool scripted events or maybe we can visit places we've seen, like Cloud city Carbonite chamber or Yoda's House.

If you can pull off a Starwars mod that is originalm new and fun... You'll deffinately have me grabbing this on it's Newstuff Week.

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Click on the About section. :)

As you can see I FULLY agree with you there. I do of course have to give those who did it first some props for doing it first, but you've got to admit, they did not do much aside of give DOOM a crappy graphical over haul.

Thankfully Rex came along and treated us with something new, and judging by the screen shots on his page, he may very well improve upon his past work.

Personally though, I've been dying for something a bit more in touch with the roots of Dark Forces 2, and the Jedi Knight series. As you can see by the picture on the main page, there are some textures ripped from Jedi Knight 2. Recently I've been dissecting Jedi Academy and taking screen shots of Weapon, and Enemy sprites, to merge into my project. Of course this alone will not make the game, and I do realize that, thus I've got a hell of a lot of scripted events (yes you DO talk to droids), as well as a few other tricks either completed or in the works. And no, I DID not leave DeHackED out, as 90% of everything will be tweaked into a fresh new experience, and as far as it looks, all weapons will infact project lasers!

Now, lets just hope that my ideas are as fun to play, as they are to come up with. Wish me luck, and thankx for the interest!

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Oh but of course! That picture there is pretty much just to show off the textures for now, all the lighting and what not will be added in at the end, at which point I'll be going crazy with it.

Matter of fact I think you'll like what I'm going to do with some of the cronas...

...something special. :)

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