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Timber's Teamplay/Tag Wad!

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Hi all, I'm starting this thread to anounce and keep uptodate the status of a wad I'm working on..
The main focus of this wad will be teamplay maps.. in all kinds of forms.
I play to release it after I get about 10 maps made.. BUT I might go farther...
Currently there are 3 maps planned

1 Tag map
1 CTF Map
1 Undecided Map

if you would like to submit ideas for this please feel free.. also I will be posting DRAFT copies of the maps for the community so they can decide on what I should change and such.

Currently map 01 is 15% done
Map 02 is 3% done
Map03 is 3% done

Map01 should be done by friday or sunday at the latest.. then I will post a download for it and we can run it on zdaemon or something..

l8r all..

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Looking pretty good. Needs more detail and some texture alignment. Plus there's like 6 player 1 starts, why's that?

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