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DOS emulator

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looking for a good DOS emulator?

well here are a few i have tried

all i have tried in linux, with good results
DOSemu is the most complete but more difficult to play with and learn. good for basic programs. in order to run games you need to do some monkeying around with drivers and extensions, SVGA stuff for games like doom and quake
however a cool part is that you can use the real DOS system files.

DOXbox is mainly for games and has good sound support, but i had better graphics in DOSemu, but i bet that would change with a good configuration. emulates slowness very good, 286/386

QDOSemu is for older stuff, and its difficult. not for games at all except maybe those from the late 80's.

DOS box has a windows version, DOSemu is linux mainly and QDOSemu has a windows.

i have yet to atempt doom on either. however just use a god damn port people.

ok i just tried out doom in DOSemu with very good results

sound was near perfect, SB-16 or better, except no music
graphics were for the most part smooth. even without adding improved SVGA support.
I would say that with tweaking of music and addition of the SVGA libs that doom in DOSemu is 100% so if u are a linux user get it

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I just tried dosbox. i threw in my old Shareware 50 cd and installed a few games, Doom 1.2, Raptor Call of the Shadows, etc. Doom ran at 3 fps or so and Raptor ran well until enemy sprites appeared on the screen and I fired at them.

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well DOS box works fine on linux. i got doom to run normal. i tired on both a pentium II 400 and my big rig.

though DOSemu worked about the same with defualt settings, a few sounds glitches and a little slowdown.

honestly guys just make a small partion and boot freeDOS or an older MSDOS. emulators are almost never as good as original.

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