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Heretic Episode 2, Skill 5

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Sorry for the delay, my game time has been absorbed by Final Fantasy 8 as of late (I recently got 8 and 9, so I can catch up on missed games). From the text:

"This episode was a bit trickier than the first episode.. literally, as there are actual tricks to exploit here, unlike the first episode which is pretty much a straightforward run (thanks to Heretic-N for these helpful tidbits). The blue key grab on e2m3 and the blue key jump on e2m5 both went smoothly, and since I'm not a trick god, I'm happy with the result.

One trick I didn't implement was the chaos device shortcut on e2m7. A useful trick, but in this demo I managed to escape back to the green door quicker than I expected, and the next attempt I tried using it didn't result in an improved time... weird.

Also, I don't remember being bounced around so much by Maulotaurs in the original game, but it was funny as hell, and a bit more challenging... otherwise it's probably possible to kill all 3 within the time frame of one ring. Enjoy!"

I didn't elaborate on this in the text, but the chaos device is gotten in the room across the gap from the green key room, so it takes you back to the start and thus closer to the green door.

Next stop will be Episode 3 again.



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That's one pretty hefty run there. I was getting the impression that you weren't gonna make it in one level (I think it's e2m3) when I saw that your health dropped down to 4% at one time. The final Maulotaur battle was also crazy yet hilarious and awesome to watch (I'm surprised that the Maulotaurs could play basketball with Corvus who still has the Wings of Wrath and Ring of Invincibility activated). I give this demo a 11/10.

Now I'm wondering if you'll do Episodes 4 and 5 next after redoing the Episode 3 demo...

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I'd have to really look at the levels to see if those two are reasonable, cus I tried e4m1 and got kicked around pretty easily, so if I did manage them, the demos wouldn't be very fast. Still, after the original trilogy is done, I think it's worth a try.

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