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Undertow max

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I also enjoyed the demos. The second one was familiar to me so I checked and found I had done a lmp of that map two years ago. Mine was slower and not as interesting as yours. Good choice of maps.

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Hey Rich I think you should post your lmp, I'd like to see someone approaching the same map I did :)

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I'm not as fast as you but maybe I'll try it again. I've improved a little in two years so I would rather not post that old one.

Update: I didn't want to relearn the hard way so I used IDDQD to step through the map and found it was fairly familiar and there didn't seem to be many choices as to how to proceed. The funny part is that I finished 1 1/2 minutes slower than your time and I was in protected mode. :) Hey, you'll get no competition from me. :)

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