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An Id production

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i am surprised nobody has asked about this

what if Id made a source port, a newer one, yes i know they did doom95 and lxdoom.

however what do you think a port would be if carmack redid the original source.

would it be just bug fixes and a few improvments? or something more like zdoom

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Knowing the Carmack he probably wouldn't stop until he ended up with something like the Doom 3 engine all over again, but I'd imagine it would be something like zdoom's scripting combined with jdoom's eyecandy.

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Well, that depends on how much work Id programmers are willing to put into reworking the doom code doesn't it?

As far as I can recall, the great Carmack didn't seem very interested in doing Doom3 when the idea was first mooted at Id so I think if the man himself was going to rework the doom code, it'll probably be just some bug fixes and compatibility stuff (maybe rewrite it in java or some other such "practical" reasons).

Zdoom and all the other source ports currently available are a labour of love and you can see that from the great features that have been implemented.

The way I see it, it'll probably be some young programmers at Id (or Raven or 3DRealms) who'll do some crazy shit like make doom3.exe run the doom iwads with all the Doom3 eye-candy enhancements or implement cell-shaded rendering etc.

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Uh... they'd make DOOM 3.

Note that id never made any significant changes to the game; their releases from '93 to '96 used basically the same engine, with just a few tweaks. They didn't make Doom95, by the way, that's a port made to Windows by Microsoft.

If, theoretically speaking, they were to make a port, though, they'd just release something just like Doom, but that runs on Windows 2000 and XP with sound and mouse support. Applying state of the art graphics rendering techniques to resources and maps made for a game released in '93 is not a particularly cool thing to do, and as for editing additionals, what's the point? The actual game maps don't use them, and Carmack tends to go for simple, staightforward game design. Plus scripting and other "advanced" features are mostly better in story-driven games, and agian, doom.wad and doom2.wad have practically nothing of that, plus without "realism" that kind of thing starts to get silly. It might make more sense in a newer game where the main point is making the player feel he's in a convincing environment, but the IWADs are by no means suited for that... and why would they ever want to make a port whose main aim would be supporting add-ons? Those already exist by the bucketload.

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