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My Doom Levels

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Okay, I've been level editing for 6 years now, and now that I finally got my Doom site up, I want to share it with you all :)

My levels are a bit different though... I don't have alot of Deathmatch maps, and the rest that aren't Deathmatch are a special type of level. I call it Survival, because that's what you do. The only requirement of playing my survival levels are that you play them on Nightmare... all i ask.

All of them are flawless (bugwise), but not perfect. I enjoy playing them myself, but I'm not quite sure on how everyone else's reaction might be. I've played these level so many times you'd think one would get sick of them, but I designed them so the replayablity factor would be sky-high.

Please download them and give me some feedback. I want to know how I did... (Please keep negative feedback in a positive manner :)

They are all Doom2.exe compatible and I need to make a note that Zdoom disables the use of cloning sound sectors so please don't use Zdoom unless you have that enabled....

Other than that, play them on Nightmare and enjoy! :)


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Hello EarthQuake, I'm The Ultimate DooMer, one of the /newstuff chroniclers on these forums. If you have a wad you want to release, the best place to send it is the DooM archive. The Doomworld FAQ will tell you how to do this, and may also answer any other questions you may have about newstuff. The wad will then be reviewed on Sunday by myself or one of the other reviewers. If you have any questions, my contact details are on the bar at the bottom of this post.

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I see that you have discovered the (in)famous arch-vile resurrection bug.

Since you plan of making use of this "misfeature" I think it would be on place to give you a bit of info on it:

Firstly, it is actually quite easy to recreate. You have probably seen that monster corpses can be squashed into small pools of blood by closing doors and crushing ceilings. Now, what you don't know is that an arch-vile can ressurrect these pools of blood into the "ghost" monsters that you describe as "wall-walkers".

Secondly, you have also noticed that they seem to be impervious to anything but barrels and telefrags. This is not the whole truth though. Rockets can also hurt them. They cannot be hit directly by anything (it will fly right through them), but they are succeptible to splash damage. So if you lure them close to a wall and then shoot the wall with a rocket they will be hurt. They are also vulnerable to the close combat attacks of other monsters if you can provoke infight.

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i played your union city map (on nightmare, no less). it was pretty cool, except for the fact that i fail 'survival', so i ended up just wandering around without alerting the monsters. an enjoyable experience.

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Thanks guys, I needed your self-esteem boost :)

@Little Faith: I also found out about the rockets indirectly hurting "wall-walkers"; I just forgot to mention it.

@pregnant with worms: You fail Survival? lol
Don't worry, it is hard, and it's supposed to be that way. If you really want an unforgettable experience, play cooperative with 4 people. It's truly is an enjoyable experience :]

The point of using Nightmare with Survival is that:
1) You cannot use cheat codes :)
2) Monsters respawn
3) Monsters are fast
4) Monsters hurt

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