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which version of doom sharware had the fallowing

E1M4 swastika
no limit on armor, could go past 200 useing the bonus armor
health maxed at 199 not 200
E1M3 soulsphere trigger near opening rather than top of stairs.
E1M1, in zig-zag room, from behind the fake wall an imp would fire at you in UV setting
E1M2, the door leading to the 'compute/maze' section, after red door, could be closed with use key

thats all i can think of. it is an early version but not sure which version(s)

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v1.2 or older. Maybe some slightly later betas like 1.4 still had some of those, but I think they're all changed by v1.666

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was there ever a 1.3??

i think that may have even been it if it exsisted
if not i will settle for 1.2

1.1 isnt it, the secret in E1M1 is missing. also something i thought was my imagination was the baron of hell suicide

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Sephiroth said:

which version of doom sharware had the fallowing

E1M4 swastika
no limit on armor, could go past 200 useing the bonus armor
health maxed at 199 not 200
E1M3 soulsphere trigger near opening rather than top of stairs.
E1M1, in zig-zag room, from behind the fake wall an imp would fire at you in UV setting
E1M2, the door leading to the 'compute/maze' section, after red door, could be closed with use key

Grimm is correct. Except for the E1M3 thing where I don't quite follow you, everything points to v1.2. The swastika, limitless armor, 199% max health and the maze-side door tag on E1M2 were all there but removed in 1.4beta.

The third secret with the see-through wall was added in v1.2, for purely DM considerations. No Imp can get physically there, so your recollection of being fireballed upon from there may be that of the level run through a randomizer.

was there ever a 1.3??

Not officially, there was not. Allegedly, a half-baked, unstable beta was leaked in April '94 that some claimed was beta 1.3; however id Software denied it was legit and announced that they would skip a number and the next beta release would be 1.4.

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Never_Again said:

Not officially, there was not. Allegedly, a half-baked, unstable beta was leaked in April '94 that some claimed was beta 1.3

Well, I found that "release" on a shareware compilation back then. It sais "1.4" during start up, though it apparently was far from the official 1.4 beta technically.
I wrote the "inofficial change log" some time ago, which also covers some "leaked versions". Here's the whole text. If you have noticed something not mentioned and you feel worse mention it, please post it here!

Inofficial DooM Change Log v1.0 by LogicDeLuxe
This is an inofficial release so don't mail id-Software for this!
No guruanty for correctness! Use at your own risk!
Some DooM 1 level changes are taken from the "DooM Specs".
This inofficial change log only covers the original maps and the close source
releases including some leaked bootleg stuff, which of course was never used
for pirating rather than for historical information purpose.
Some facts are taken from several FAQs around and I didn't verify all of them.

Features you could seen in alphas but not implemented in the final release:
- Lifes
- Treasures
- Some inventory listed in status bar drafts.
- Scores and Highscores
- Highres menu (didn't work)
See http://rome.ro/lee_killough/versions/index.html for more details on the
pre releases!

EXE Changes:
0.99 released 10-dec-93

Changes 0.99 -> 1.1 released 16-dec-93
- Soundblaster 1.0 support
- gamma correction key F11
- new DOS-Extentder 
Bugs fixed:
- Restore game and reactivating a still operating lift does no longer stop it
- Sound mixer's "line in" volume no longer set to 0
New Bugs:
- Saving games in slots 5 and 6 are saved in slot 1
- Restore game and reactivating a still open door crashes the game

Changes 1.1 -> 1.2 released 4-feb-94
- Serial connection via modem or nullmodem for 2 player games
- Nightmare mode
- Pro Audio Spectrum
- Gamma correction in 5 steps
- No more C:\DOOMDATA directory
- Multiplayer text macros
- Mouse navigation in menus
- Respawn mode
- Nomonsters mode
- Fast mode
Bugs fixed:
- Savegame slots 5 and 6 no longer save in slot 1
- Runs under Windows
- No more Z_MALLOC errors while loading new map
- Projectiles no longer trigger "WR lower lift"
- Demo sync problems fixed
- Network bugs

Changes 1.2 -> 1.4 beta bootleg 8-apr-94 (apparently also known as 1.3.
But sais 1.4 while during up.)
- 8 channel sound mixing
- pitch variation is more intensive
- no -devparm needed for several parameters
- Deathmatch 2.0 rules
- PWADs in the unregistered version no longer allowed
Bugs fixed:
- Restore game works correct with stopped platforms and crushers
- Restore game and reactivating a still open door no longer crashes the game
- Lower Sector and change type uses now the type of the target heigth sector,
  but this makes a bug in E3M9 fatal now.
- Correct display inside sectors higher than 512, but new valid limit at
  4096 so some PWADs doesn't work anymore.
- Savegame buffer increased from 128kB to 192kB (still far too less)
New Bugs:
- Low detail sky is squeezed
- Gravis Ultrasound does not work
- Checks for DOOMR.WAD instead of DOOM2.WAD

Changes 1.4 beta bootleg-> 1.4 beta released 28-jun-94 (the real 1.4)
- multi-player, multi-levels and multi-lives demos
- Frag decrease on suicide
- No more variable pitch sound effect
- 39 new linedef types 
- 1 new sector type (but has no effect yet)
- Demo recordings have some more header information.
Bugs fixed:
- Low detail sky
- Amor limited to 200%
- Gravis Ultrasound, but unfiltered sfx now
- Visplanes increased from 128 to 256
- EXE referes to textures GDOORF1, GDOORF2, GDOORF3, GDOORF4, GDOORB1,

Changes 1.4 beta -> 1.5 beta released 8-jul-94
- Heavy Weapon Dude, Arachnotron, Mancubus, Revenant and Archvile code added.
  But behave still strange. The example given with 1.5 beta works not with
  this version since the EXE refers to missing textures. However you can edit
  the EXE to change the referers to valid textures if you want to check this
New Bugs:
- IDKFA adds super shotgun even for doom1. The game therfore exits with a
  missing sprite after IDKFA and selecting shotgun.

Changes 1.5 beta -> 1.6 beta released 3-aug-94
Bugs fixed:
- Gravis Ultrasound sfx filtered again
New Bugs:
- after IDKFA it is not possible to select the shotgun.
- Health now limited to 200% instead of 199%
- To test the strange behavior of the new DooM II monster try this:
  note that some levels have still unknown sprites and the Arachnotron
  originaly had another death sequence so killing them causing an error, too.
  In this example the DOOM.WAD is added for the music reference, which is
  stil Doom1.

Changes 1.6 beta -> 1.666 released 1-sep-94 (bootleg 25-aug-94)
- SB AWE 32 support
- cheats IDFA, IDMUS
- Sound for getting spheres
- Doom2 support in its final stage
- "-cdrom" option forces using C:\DOOMDATA
- Lift stop sounds when crushers, steps etc. stop moving
- Sector type 17 working (except for savegames)
Bugs fixed:
New Bugs:
- Gravis Ultrasound sfx again unfiltered
- With Adlib/SB music some songs cause some machines to crash on certain
  points in the song, e.g. E1M1 after about 10 - 20 seconds. (I dont know
  since which version. I have no computer anymore on which the bug appear,
  I noticed it on several AMD 486 machines.)
- From Archvile resurrected crushed monsters walk through walls and don't
  absorb bullets and projectiles. (known as the ghost bug) And other
  Doom2 monster related bugs as well.

Changes 1.666 -> 1.7 released 18-oct-94
Bugs fixed:
- Adlib/SB music crash

Changes 1.7 -> 1.7a released ?

Changes 1.7a -> 1.8 released 20-jan-95
- Support for the french version with DOOM2F.WAD

Changes 1.8 -> 1.9 released 1-feb-95

Changes 1.9 -> 1.9SE released 25-may-95
- Playing 4 demos in loop
- "Read this" doesn't display HELP2.
New Bugs:
- Trying to play DEMO4 on Doom2 (later a problem in the Final DooM release)
  Well, not really a bug, since this EXE isn't intended to run anything
  other than Ultimate Doom.
- Undocumented feature (All Cyberdemons dead lowers 666 tagged sectors) in
  E1M8 was removed. Not really a bug, but problem for some old 3rd party maps,
  as it breaks compatibility. Instead of this there are now new specials in
  E4M6: Open door tag 666 and stay open when all cyberdemons are dead. E4M8:
  Rise floor on tag 666 when all spider masterminds are dead.
Changes 1.9SE -> 1.9F 11-dec-96
- Final Doom support (level and intermission texts integrated)
New Bugs:
- Teleport landings are somtimes in strange height

Several faqs mentioned the upcoming 1.10. Although this was not done. Id
decided to releasing the source code instead.

The Windows-EXE forks:
DooM for Windows 1.8 bootleg: (At least I think it is a bootleg, as I never
saw any release info on this)
Its properties:
- Only 3 SFXs at a time (stutters on all systems I have seen it running.)
- No HiRes, but zoomable in 3 steps up to fill a 640x400 window.
- Fullscreen mode uses 320x240 but only uses its middle 200 lines.
- Runs in Windows 3.11 with Win32 installed. No DirectX support back then!
DooM95.EXE 1.9: (introduced with Final DooM)
New: (in comparison to the DOS version 1.9)
- Resolutions 320x200, 320x240, 640x400, 640x480
- 32 channel sound mixing
- Direct Play support for multiplayer games
- Multithreded
- new cheats (including its nightmare skill bugs): FHHALL, FHSSH
- Older demos are ignored instead of exiting the game
New Bugs:
- On some systems the volume slider doesn't work
- The middle mouse button doesn't work
- Marker positions in hi-res automap doesn't work.
- The help file has another name than the engine is expecting.

On the DooM-WADs the version info on demos are allmost changed in any 
releases and not mentioned explicit, as this is either just one byte changed
or in case of incompatibility a newly recorded one.

1.0 released 10-dec-93

Changes 1.0 -> 1.1 released 16-dec-93
- The switch to rise the slime "O" platform is inside this shape instead on
  a wall outside. 1 Sector was added for this change.
- Line 657 is now D1 Door stay open, so the door can be opened from both
- Line 576 is now DR Door instead of D1 Door stay open.
- Missing textures on sidedefs 720 and 721 added.
- Line 724 is now a D1 Door yellow stay open so a deathmatch player can enter 
  the building.
- For some reasons the two endsectors got moved a bit.
- The 8 end teleporter lines became WR instead of W1.
? (Never saw that full release)

Changes 1.1 -> 1.2 released 4-feb-94
- Many unused got removed ("SCORES" etc.)
- One part status bar with frag field
- Nightmare skill
- The secret lift was added.
- The medikit outside in the unreachable area left got removed.
- Linedef 520: Type changed from DR to SR in order to animate the switch.
  (door in the east with a switch on one side.)
- The swastika got reversed.
- Sidedefs 776 and 778 have now a upper texture (BROWNGRN)
- Lidedefs 116, 201 and 202 have the "monsters cannot cross"-flag now.
  (teleport lines)
- The switch near the blue key was removed. The door at the middle right it
  opened is now a blue key door. It is no longer possible to switch through
  the window in order to open the door.
- In sector 10 are now 3 medikits and a backpack. They only appear in
  multiplayer mode.
- In sector 58 is now a backpack. It only appears in multiplayer mode.
- In sector 91 is now a rocked launcher. It only appears in multiplayer mode.
- In sector 161 is now a super charge. It only appears in multiplayer mode.
- In sector 5 one of these many dead lost souls in this level got removed.
  I wonder why all the other ones still remain.
- Near -1984, 960 were 2 unclosed sectors with differnt floor textures.
- The shootgun guys (things 284 and 285) now appear also in easy mode.
- In sector 135 is now a rocked launcher. It only appears in multiplayer mode.
- In sector 251 is now a plasma gun. It only appears in multiplayer mode.
- Sector 5 got secret.
- The 2 medikits in sector 110 now also available in easy mode.
- 2 Teleport targets fixed. They were missed in easy mode.
- Most of the other things in the same building also appear in easy mode now.
- Things 152 and 239 changed from tree stumps to gray trees.
- Thing 233 changed from a big brown tree to a tree stump.
- Thing 306 changed from a gray tree to a tree stump.
- Most of the "skulls on flying flames" now appear in all skills instead of
  none. The one #208 got also moved a little southward.
- Most of the trees now appears in any skill instead of none. Some are deaf
  now and some faces in a diffent direction.
- Thing 242 (the eye-symbol) now appears in all skills instead of none.
- Thing 270 (stim pack) now appears in all skills instead of hard only.
- Thing 302 (radiation suit) now appears in all skills instead of hard only.
- Thing 303 (rocket) now appears in all skills instead of hard only.

Changes 1.2 -> 1.666 released 1-sep-94
- Gamma key in HELP mentioned
- Some unused DooM2 graphics added.
- Items needed for deathmatch 2.0
- CD
- Sphere power up
- Item respawn sound for deathmatch 2.0
- Linedef #530 changed from a door that closes to one that stays open.
  This is the south side of the door out of the maze.  This allows
  deathmatch players who started in there to get out from the inside.
- The swastika got changed to a different shape.  A bunch of things in
  the swastika room got moved around to accomodate the new layout.
- Thing #185 (a deathmatch start position) got moved from (768, 1952) to
  (736, 1824).  This is in the room with the ledge NW of the player 1
  starting room; the deathmatch start got moved off the ledge onto the
  main floor.
- Thing #216 (a deathmatch start) got moved from (-2112, 512) to 
  (-800, 1200); that is, it got moved from the west courtyard (the one
  with the supercharger) to the hidden hallway just south of the pentagram.
- Sector #105's floor was lowered from 88 to 80.  In other words, the
  window west of the yellow keycard was enlarged a bit.  Also, the
  associated linedefs are no longer marked impassable.
- Thing #116 (the sargeant in the middle of void space in the southeast
  corner of the map) got removed.
- Sectors #139 and #142 got their floor changed from FLOOR0_6 to FLOOR4_8
  for consistency with the surrounding sectors.  (These are the floors
  underneath the yellow doors on the northwest and northeast corners
  of one of the rooms.)
- Linedef #782 was type 0; now it's type 31 (door that stays open).
  This is south side of the last door before the exit door; it can now
  be opened from the inside, so a deathmatch player that started in the
  exit room can get out.
- The computer map in the pentagram got changed to a shotgun.
- Linedefs 35, 136, and 140 no longer have their upper textures unpegged.
  This is the secret door to the supercharger; it now looks like a real
  door when it opens.
- A secret door was added in the east baron's alcove. When you push on
  the east wall, a secret chamber opens with a switch.  That switch
  lowers the lift to the south, so that you can get back into the complex.
  (Though you could anyway, by jumping through the window on the west or
  east side of the hallway south of the lift...)
  Actually, it lowers the lift to the lowest adjacent floor, which
  (after the two barons are dead) is lower than the hallway floor
  height.  Probably not the intended effect.
- Vertex #223 got moved ever so slightly NW for some reason.
- Northwest of the big green "O", there is a secret room with partial
  invisibility.  The door to the room closes when you walk north through
  a hallway just southwest of it; you're supposed to shoot the door to
  open it.  However, if you run north quickly over the trigger line and
  then run east through the door, you can just make it before the door
  closes, but in 1.2 you'd be trapped inside, since the door would not
  open from the east side.  In 1.666, the linedef type of the east edge
  of the door has been changed so that you can open the door from inside
  the secret room.
- Sector 8's trigger number is now 0.  Previously, it was 6, which is the
  same number as one of the lines you walk over when getting the shotgun.
  This line would cause the floor to be lowered.  However, sector 8's floor
  is already lower than that of any adjacent sectors, so nothing happened.
  However a bug fix in v1.4 made this one fatal.
  (The same bug is still present in E3M9.)
- Sidedefs 1327 and 1332 had their texture offsets fixed.  These are
  the sidedefs on either side of the window between the room with the
  beserker and the room with two spectres and a teleporter, east of
  the player one starting point.  Now, the window looks better than it
  did before, but still not perfect.
- There is now a BFG9000 sitting in the northwest window in the building
  which you're facing at the start of the level.  It only appears in
  multiplayer mode.
- The structure which has the switch leading to the secret level had its
  north wall thickened. That should keep you from switching from outside
  of the structure. However that was the wrong wall so the problem was not

Changes 1.666 -> 1.8 released 20-jan-95
Demo version bytes only

Changes 1.8 -> 1.9 released 1-feb-95
- Sector 13's trigger number is now 0.  Previously, it was 6, which is the
  same number as one of the lines you walk over when getting the shotgun.
  This line would cause the floor to be lowered.  However, sector 13's floor
  is already lower than that of any adjacent sectors, so it became an invalid
  sector type.

Changes 1.9 -> 1.9SE released 25-may-05
- Episode 4 and their level names
- HELP2 got removed.
- There are now 3 new sectors, which Romero added for deathmatch play. One
  switchable door to the outside. Under this door there are "W1"-triggers
  opening the way from the computer room to the outside area.
- Near the start is now a shotgun surrounded by 3 barrels. They only appear
  in multiplayer mode.
There is a completely new 4th Episode.

Changes 1.666 -> 1.7 released 18-oct-94

- The teeth-door in front of the first switch got removed. There is now a
  "monster cannot cross" line instead.
- Beyond the red door is a "monster cannot cross" line now.
- Several sectors had the tag 4, but there is no tag 4 trigger in this level.
  However the last blue key door has still the tag 4, though it is triggered
- Sector 256's ceiling is a bit higher now. In order to fit this change some
  sidedef textures were added.
- Linedef 1132 are slightly moved east.
- In the north east of the centre tower a trooper got removed.
- The teleporter sector 209 leads to the soul sphere in sector 8 in the
  centre now.
- Missing linedef in sector 9 added.
- On the south west teleport the missing lower textures were added.
- The BFALL1-lift can be lowered from all sides now.
- Linedef 688 is now "secret map".
- Sidedefs 597, 598, 637, 664, 666, 885, 886, 887 and 889 got their textures
- Sector 22 got secret.
- Sector 92 got brighter and blinking.
- Three more deathmatch starts added. Now there are 5 instead of only 2.
- Players 2-4 starts added.

Changes 1.7 -> 1.7a released ?
Telephone numbers got changed (ENDOOM).
Changes 1.7a -> 1.9 released 1-feb-95
- Entire map moved southwest for some reason.
- Entire map moved southwest for some reason. The teleporter moved slightly
  so the floor texture match the new map grid.
- Due to IDBSPs inaccuracy most things got moved some units due to the map
- Some sectors were added opening an additional passage when tag 10 is
  triggered. Some goodies can be found in this passage.
- Sector 26 is no longer a trap door.
- 2 Lines were added to the centre lift so it can be used from both sides.
- The Arachnotron (Thing 142) got moved a bit.
- Sector 4 (former 136) got a slightly different shape. Near that place a
  further sector was added to enable a shortcut since it is lowered with
  the same switch as sector 4.
- 4 sectors marked secret now.
- 6 sectors marked secret now.

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Mordeth said:

You could have just linked that text file, instead of quoting it in full here... :)

I didn't upload it yet. Though, as people seems interested in it, I'll do that. ;)

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