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ZDoom's scripted marines

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Is it posible to make the scripted marines attack (I mean, fire projectiles, or bullets blast).

Also, is it posible to walk around a predetermined patrol route EVEN if they see my position?

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Randy Heit said:

Marine thing types:

9100 Marine w/ Nothing
9101 Marine w/ Fist
9102 Marine w/ Berserk Fist
9103 Marine w/ Chainsaw
9104 Marine w/ Pistol
9105 Marine w/ Shotgun
9106 Marine w/ Super Shotgun
9107 Marine w/ Chaingun
9108 Marine w/ Rocket Launcher
9109 Marine w/ Plasma Rifle
9110 Marine w/ Railgun
9111 Marine w/ BFG 9000

To change the marine's weapon, use the SetMarineWeapon command:

SetMarineWeapon (tid, weapon);

Substitute one of the following for weapon:


If you want a marine with a rocket launcher, you might also find this helpful:

SetActorProperty (tid, APROP_Health, new-health);

The marine's spawn health is only 100, they have no armor, and they have no sense to not fire when close to something. So if you get a marine with a rocket launcher in close quarters, he's almost sure to die unless you give him more health.

Check zdefs.acs for other APROP_ values you can use. There's also a GetActorProperty (tid, property) command you can use to find out an actor's current value for a property.

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Oh, and you may find using thing_hate useful for getting monsters (including marines) to wander around but ignore the player.

Randy Heit said:

I just got done enhancing Thing_Hate with a third parameter you can set like this:

0. Same behavior as before.

1. Monsters work like normal, except instead of looking for players, they look for monsters with the TID they're supposed to hate. They won't go after a monster unless they can see it first. After finishing off one monster, they look for more with the same TID. If they can't find any, they go back to sleep. They will ignore you unless you attack them, in which case they will target you like normal.

2. Same as 1, except they will chase after other monsters without needing to see them first.

3 - Hunt actors with given TID and also players

4 - Same as 3, but will go after monsters without seeing them first

5 - Hate actors with given TID and ignore player attacks

6 - Same as 5, but will go after enemies without seeing them first

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Thanks you so much, that was VERY helpful!

By the way, is it posible to change the scripted marines uniform colour? without scripts?

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Vegeta said:

By the way, is it posible to change the scripted marines uniform colour? without scripts?

AFAIK you just use CreateTranslation (ZDoom's colour translation ACS command) the same as you would with any item.

For info on how to use CreateTranslation, have a search around either here or the ZDoom forum.

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I love that armed scripted marines.

Does someone know a way to use the "scripted marine's super shotgun blast" codepointer in a monster? I mean, make a monster fire a ssg blast, without using the trick of "fire shotgun blast (duration 0), fire shotgun blast (duration 10)".

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You can make a marine "wear" a different skin. Again you need to use ACS, but you could put together a skin to look like the monster you want, and then get the super shotgun marine to wear it.

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