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Hexen monsters stronger

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How can I do to add extra health to a Hexen monster, without being a coder. Is there some special comand in Zdoom that can do that without ACS?

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Can't be done without ACS. You'll need to use the actor property I metioned in the thread about the Zdoom marines - which is an ACS command.

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i sincerely apologize for bringing back a 7 year old thread..but why make a new one..

i'm having such an aggravated issue with this..the script compiles and all that

#include "zcommon.acs"

script 1 enter
spawnspot("demon2", 15);
setactorproperty(15, aprop_health, 1);

but his health is the same!
i tried it on a baron and it worked : ( doesn't seem to wanna work on a mapspot

EDIT: took care of it, sorry!

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