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File I/O

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Skulltag should have some way for a server to store data indefinitely. I was talking with people about how one could hack a quasi-MMORPG into a Skulltag level using ACS and so on, but it would require some sort of I/O to store character data server side. Obviously I don't know how it would work exactly but like, have the ability to store data, have it in a flat file in a subdir or something. Then you could haxor some ACS to do character save/load, determine their weapons/health and shit like that.

just an idea

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Well, unfortunately I had to disable file I/O ACS functions because people like Cyb bitched their asses off, stating how people could make malicious WADs that just endlessly dumped info to files, taking up space on your HD.

If this were to be done, it'd have to be handled specifically in the code. Don't expect me to code that in.

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It'd be fun but MMORPGs and even quasi-MMORPGs are a LOT of work and require tons of bandwidth and servers too. It's not really practical. Unless of course, someone wants to give he $60k/yr. to do it :P

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