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DOOM Builder: Save, hello!? um, save? Uh ya...

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I've been using DOOM Builder, religiously as of late, but tonight I suddenly ran across something that I find really strange and disturbing.

I make some changes to my Map, and select save...

...nothing happens.

I then select Save As, then Overwrite. Then and only then will it now save my work. What gives? The file is not write protected or anthything, just doing my normal deal.

One other thing, when I am changing the Ceiling and Floor heights, it would be GREAT to be able to hit the TAB key, and drop from Ceiling to Floor input with the line hightlighted so I don't have to use the damn mouse the move my cursor down, then manually delete the line, then enter my new values.

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Could it be that maybe it saves really fast? How big is your level? The one I'm working on is pretty small, and sometimes it SEEMS like the save button doesn't work, but it really does... Or it could just be that DoomBuilder is kinda strange.... Test your .wad after you save chnges if you are unsure...

Good Luck

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I dunno it has not happened in a while since I re-booted, must have been a Winblows issue. Anyhow my levels were quite large and took about 2 seconds to save for some reason, so I know it should have been at work.

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I've had this before. If you make certan small changes to a map and hit save, it simply doesn't save. Playing the level proves this as nothing changes.

It only happens when editing certain stuff in a level. I can't quitre remember what (maybe just simply a height adjustment?), next time it happens I'll take note. But simply moving a THING somewhere will force a proper save as far as I can tell. So just move a thing, save, then move it back and save again.

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