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Naked Snake


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You look. A zombie. Heh. Nothing. You aim the shotgun. You aim for the neck. You pull the trigger, waiting for the satisfying BOOM. It never came. Only a loud *click*. The zombie was carrying a chaingun. Damn. You push back against the wall and fall through. You land next to a chainsaw. Its yellow. A yellow chainsaw. And what the hell is a chainsaw doing on Phobos? No minding the stupid questions. You grab it and give it three good pulls. Third times the charm as the chainsaw revs to life. You pust the door open, hitting the zombie. It staggers like a drunked fool. You thrust the chainsaw forth, right into the skull. Soon its head is mush. This thing might come in handy again. You strap it on your back and leave this damn dark room.

Sorry its not that long.

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