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Where are the orignal doom episodes

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hey guys, after i installed the newest version of skulltag, 0.95f, i can't run the other original doom episodes (episode 2, etc). i'm using doom2.wad. i can only run the first episode "hell on earth" and play singleplayer. when i start the other, new skulltag episodes (the mortal conflict and the tournament of the damned), it only opens a deathmatch and capture the flag. how can i play the normal doom episodes from the original doom2 ¿? thanks for the help!

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It sounds like your using Doom II. Doom II didn't have episodes, but Doom I/Ultimate Doom did. Unfortunantly, those are not free, and so if you want them you have to buy them. If you already have it, then run ST with doom.wad not doom2.wad.

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