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Quick texture insertion

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I have a pwad which requires a lot of additional textures. These textures are already in another pwad (amongst a lot of others). Whats the qiuckest way to add the nescessary textures?

I can merge the wads and then delete the unecessary textures, or extract all the required textures and add them manually.

Is there a utility that will delete all unused textures/flats?

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xwe will let you do this.

save the textures from the original wad, and then hit entry->load and select the images you want to add to the new wad. then you can right click on the images and use the options 'add to patch names' and 'add to texture', depending on how you want to do this stuff. then you're set :)

as for removing unused flats, maybe deepsea has that. i myself would just look in wintex to see what flats were used on the map(s) and then delete the ones that weren't.

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