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Is there ANY Mac Doom stuff that still exists?!

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DOOM for Mac is an excellent port of the game, but there's virtually nothing for use with it that's still updated.

Hellmaker and Demon, the only two Mac Doom level editors in town, haven't been updated in years.

DEIMOS, the only Mac Doom graphics/sound editor, hasn't been updated in even longer, and doesn't work correctly with systems 8.0 and higher.

MacDoom Legacy is the only sourceport I know of for Mac. It's not updated very often, lacks many features of the Windows version of DoomLegacy, and now it seems the whole site is down.

Please tell me there's still a MacDoom fanbase hiding in the shadows somewhere I don't know about. I've been looking for a few years, and I'm really getting tired of this.

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Check the WolfenDoom site here at Doomworld... as MacDoom nuts they still have a lot of links to MacDoom sites. But you've guessed right: most tools haven't been updated in years.

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As far as MacDoom utilities go, there is no active development going on unfortunatley :( Which is extremely annoying since I would love for hellmaker to be updated with more modern features. Apparently if you are feeling adventureous you can download and compile yadex which will give you a level editor under MacOS X but unfortunatley i keep getting compile errors.

As far as MacDoomLegacy goes i'm not really sure what is happening there, i've just sent off an email asking what is happening with it. I suspect that the website being down is because idevgames.com (the server that hosts the sites) recent server problems and not because Calumn has decided to kill off the project.

On a side note is there any mac users out there who still edit levels for the game?

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