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bad install?

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i am working on a dell computer that has never had sound. I went to check in the device manager but nothing shows up. i tried to use add new hardware and nothing happens.
i tried reinstalling the drivers, but nothing
i even updated and reinstalled direct X

this isn't my system so i am not sure what all is or has been on here. i did remove spyware but this does not sem to be related. owner said there has never been any sound. speakers are working and are correctly pluged in

I am more concerned about the device manager not showing anything and the fact i can't use "add new hardware"

This is windows XP home edition
computer is a dell dimension 2350
any ideas what is wrong here, besides winXP

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well i found the issue. someone had deleted a bunch of windows stuff regaurding hardware. also spyware was messing things up too.
however a quick restore fixed it all and i made $20.

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