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Where to get mp3s of the Doom music on FM synth cards

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There's tons of DooM mp3s out there, all recorded on sound canvases, super new synths, etc., but I am looking for mp3s of the DooM level music as heard on a 1993-vintage mono 8-bit SoundBlaster, with it's cheasey FM synth chip (just like I had in '93 when I bought DooM).


Richard deCosta
Composer, Artistic Director, Turing Opera Workshop
http://www.richarddecosta.com/KaiOpera <-- Sci-fi Opera!

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Short answer: You can't.

Long answer: Recent versions of ZDoom have built-in OPL3 synthesis. You can download it and see if you can get it working (Options -> Advanced Sound Options somewhere). However, this won't easily enable you to record MP3s of it.

I happen to have a Sound Blaster 32 with a particular MIDI device called Creative FM Synthesizer. I might be able to be persuaded to record an MP3 of a few Doom MIDIs and you can see if it's something that's up your alley. However, I am on a 56K modem.

I also know that there may be a few freeware or shareware software FM synth emulator programs out there. Try looking for one.

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