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machinima.com: What's the state of play on your feature film, Sidrial?

Katherine Anna Kang: We're waiting for DOOM3.

machinima.com: Will you be releasing the full version of Machinimation at any point, either as a commercial application or Open-Source app?

Katherine Anna Kang: We may Open-Source an academic version of Machinimation in the very near future. The cool thing about the Machinimation tools right now is that we can easily port it to any other engine, from DOOM3 to Unreal. It makes it the program that much more helpful to be able to switch engines and game assets - it definitely makes it a much better learning tool to be multi-engine compatible.



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TwiNCannoN said:

Sidrial? Wasn't that the name of that horrible "single player" mod-demo for quake3 endorsed by nvidia?

Yes and it wasn´t horrible at all. I mean, it didn´t had a single monster in it and was still fun playing through: good exploration, a few nice puzzles, very cool architecture and athmosphere.

But for you everything singleplayer in the Q3 engine is automatically "horrible", I guess.

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But for you everything singleplayer in the Q3 engine is automatically "horrible", I guess.

Honestly, for the most part, yeah. I compare them to other good single player mods: doom, half-life stuff. And don't give me the "do you know how hard it is to make a single player mod for q3a", yes I do - and I don't understand why people bother. :) And yeah, Sidrial did look really nice, I just didn't get the point. There was one monster which wasn't even really a monster, and 2 (1?) weapon? Again, the levels looked nice, but I've seen some incredible mappers who've put their maps to much better use.

Just my opinions though.

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