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Heretic Episode 4, Skill 5

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One rough and frustrating ride but I need to move on :)
From the text:

"One episode away from having a complete five movie set! This one is definitely the toughest so far, with Maulotaurs in many crucial spots and just enough rings to get through the tricky spots. The last level is more like an obstable course but it would also be extremely slow without the ring carried over from the previous levels. Enjoy!"

I guess the most deaths resulted from crossing the fire wave of a Maulotaur. Getting hit directly isn't always a big deal, but walking over a section of it is almost always instant death. It happens because you stop the wave by getting hit by the first section, rather than stumbing over several of them farther down the chain and getting scorched beyond recognition.

I also had a problem with the finicky e4m7 start jump to the yellow key room. The demo I almost uploaded before this one had me missing it 5 times, but I made it on the first try here. I guess it was offset by the trouble I had in the following e4m8; I had to try 3 times to make it over the bridge of death while hoping I didn't get slapped by several screaming skulls.

One last note, there's a zdoom-only trick that I didn't use that would have saved time, but I wanted to remain as true to the original game as possible. I already have enough advantages (uncapped fps, ability to knock live monsters off ledges that I don't exploit very often) but on e4m1, you can lure an enemy into the green key room, use the morph ovum, and use the chicken as a step up to the green key without jumping. In the original game you can't step onto a chicken on the same level as you. :/

Oh well, Episode 5 next to end it all!


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Another excellent demo there. Those Maulotaurs can be such pests. Also it must have been a pain to attempt, especially the bridge in e4m8 (I blame those dang Golems and their skull fireballs for the mishap).

Well, good luck on Episode 5, and God's Speed, Vile. Who knows what that episode has in store (especially e5m8)

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Thanks, I'm glad it turned out alright. I was annoyed by some mistakes made on e4m7, like trying several times to hit the switch in the blue key room, but some were just run and hope for the best (e4m8 bridge).

Hopefully Episode 5 is as gracious with the invuln rings and invis spheres that I abuse the hell out of, but whatever makes it faster. :)

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Heh, watched the demo Vile, I must say that's pretty good demoage, especially considering the fourth episode of Heretic isn't exactly easy on skill 4, let alone skill 5. :)

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