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New 32 Level Doom2 conversion....

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I got a new project in the works.... My usual style, high tech, high detail, great gameplay. Might include new textures. Not sure yet. Planning on completion date near early june (what!? I have SCHOOL, ya know). For an idea of what "my style" is, head over to geocities.com/pdisney2003/index.html and check out the ship level...

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We Arent So Diffrent You And I.I too Am doing a 32 map Total Conversion and Have School As Well.geocities.com/shadowrunner894/tod

Yo if you want instead of doing your project now...You could help on mine.Seeing as how you can map is essiesential to a Tc.We will have new sounds,maps,sprites,skins,textures,enemies,Dehackes,and weapons.

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wow! Sounds fun. I think I will help out a bit. Expect an email from me sometime in the next few days. My real name ( the name on the e-mail) is Paul Disney....

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