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Kristian Ronge

Map 7 UV reality

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..at least I *think* it's called reality. Not too sure about all these non-Compet-n categories. :-)

It's Doom 2, map 7, on UV without taking any hits, anyway. Call it what you like.

A friend of mine challenged me to do it since he thought it couldn't be done. To my surprise it wasn't very hard at all.. I encourage everyone to try it! It's fun.

Time is 3:17 so don't expect anything super speedy, but OTOH to be honest I didn't focus on speed. Come to think of it, I didn't focus on anything. ;-)

Recorded in ZDooM 1.22.


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Rich said:
I liked it :)

Heh. I'm glad someone did. ;-)

That's harder to do than meets the eye.

Hm, well.. it's harder than for example doing the map SSG only or something like that (which can easily be done in under 2 minutes), but to my surprise it really wasn't as hard as I had thought beforehand.

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