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Weapons the gaming world needs

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i think there are some weapons that the game world needs more of. Here are a few of my ideas in no particualar order:

- an exploding bullet that goes off after it's lodged itself in someone's torso

-a flame thrower that can be switched between "classic" mode and "huge fireball" mode

-a bigass pneumatic crossbow with electriclly-charged bolts

-pissing on the dead for bonus points

-a big animal on a leash

-remote-controlled, c4-laden, jetpacked hovercars!

-fire ants

-cattle prods

...feel free to add to the list

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-I've seen this before. Dunno where.

-Blood II

-Mmmh, Strife.

-Duke Nukem's E2 final sequence (sorta)


-Grand Theft Auto II

-Quake 1 Superheroes mod.

-Deus Ex

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Yeah, dammit.

Anyway, GTA1 had little remote controlled C4 laden toy car type things that you controlled from a van. No, they didn't hover, but they were cool nonetheless.

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/Me begs

/Me realises begging sucks

/Me pulls out a boomstick

/Me threatens to blow thehighesttree's face off if he doesn't change his avatar to the sausauge

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