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Skulltag v0.95g RELEASED!

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Whoo hoo! Fear the giant changelist!

*+ - Upgraded Skulltag to ZDoom version 2.0.53.
*+ - Made a massive fix to speed up item spawning on the server end. This results in much smoother, less laggy games. (Especially in levels with tons of objects. Co-op games should be MUCH better now.)
*+ - Made large optimizations to how sectors work over the network. They are now smoother and less laggy!
*+ - Applied "connection type" to ALL weapons. 56K users are simply told when a weapon is fired, and by who. DSL users are told that, and the actual XYZ, angle, and pitch of the shot, so they can recreate the shot on their end. Cable users get the information about each actual pellet or missile spawned by the weapon firing. The higher the connection type setting, the higher the precision, and the higher bandwidth used.
+ - Added sv_maxplayers, which limits the amount of active players in the game. People who join the game beyond this limit spawn as spectators.
+ - Added a trail effect for when players have the turbosphere or haste rune.
+ - Added field for the password that clients use to connect to passworded servers to the multiplayer menu.
+ - Added new compatibility flag that enables the original Doom sound curve.
+ - Add safety measures to the ConsoleCommand ACS function.
+ - Applied logic for all dmflags that I hadn't gotten around to doing.
+ - Added option to start as a spectator when connecting to servers. The option can be toggled via the multiplayer menu.
+ - Drain and reflection runes now work properly.
+ - Spread now works with all Heretic and Hexen weapons.
+ - Added "taunt" to the customize controls menu.
+ - Added con_textcolor, which allows disabling of color for text strings.
+ - Added chat flood protection. Now, players who spam servers with chat strings get kicked.
+ - TakeInventory called by server-side scripts now shows up properly on the client end.
+ - Improved spying through other people's eyes while in spectator mode.
+ - Added "plasma bump bug" compatibility flag. When this is enabled, plasma bumping on MAP01, BFG bumping on dwango5.wad MAP01, etc. work "properly".
+ - Objects spawned by server-side scripts through Thing_Projectile now work.
+ - Added blue/red leads, teams are tied announcer events for teamplay DM mode.
+ - Added HUD display for team scores during teamplay DM mode.
+ - Added limited support for Heretic/Hexen weapons over the net.
+ - Item respawning has been moved more towards the server end. This removes item respawn problems under certain conditions (ie. item respawn in cooperative).
+ - While spectating, players' whos eyes you spy through, now display the proper view and weapon bobbing.
+ - Added "disable taunts" compatability flag. This is important because before, the silent BFG effect was triggerable by taunting.
- - Fixed major server crash where if the level remained unchanged for more than a day or so, and someone joined, it would crash.
- - Desaturated sectors now appear that way on the client end.
- - Fixed connection problems related to the level being loaded, without having gotten the player spawning packet(s) yet.
- - Change music functions called by server-side scripts now work on the client end.
- - Fixed problem where if a texture was changed to "-" during the course of a level, it would not show up correctly for connecting clients mid-level.
- - Fixed problem where going into spectator mode while carrying an important object such as a flag or the terminator, would result in the object disappearing for good.
- - Textures that have changed during the level are now updated to joining clients.
- - Fixed problem where typing a chat string with a % sign would would result in a bunch of different characters instead of the actual % sign.
- - Fixed bug where the joystick would not work in multiplayer games.
- - Fixed bug where if you fired plasma against the wall, it didn't appear to come out at all on the client end.
- - Fixed rcon problems related to the "map" command.
- - Fixed problems with "floating missiles" when connecting to servers.
- - Made fix to make the BFG firing sound play at the proper time on the client end.
- - The HealThing function called by server-side scripts now works.
- - Fixed problem where if the was packet loss on the server end, your missiles would appear to come out at the wrong pitch.
- - Fixed problem where if you were spying through the eyes of another player during coop, spectator mode, etc., and they disconnected, Skulltag would crash.
- - Players now grunt and have their view height shift when hitting the ground hard on the client end.
- - Fixed bugs where weapons appeared to be cleared between levels in co-op, but that really isn't the case.
- - Fixed bug where spectators did not show up on the scoreboard in teamgame mode.
- - Icons now spawn directly over the player instead of at their feet (with framerate uncapped, medals in pervious versions would "float" up to the top of the player).
- - Fixed memory leak related to sound on program exit.
- - Voodoo dolls now work again.
- - Fixed problem where enter scripts would only execute for one player.
- - Fixed problem where sometimes "YOU NEED THE <RED, YELLOW, BLUE> KEY" messages sometimes did not appear on the client end.
- - Fixed problem with obituary messages for custom wads where when players' had colored names, their color would persist to the end of the message, instead of reverting back to gold.
- - Fixed problems where dropped dehacked pickups would appear to not disappear over the client end.
- - Clients now receive dmflags, etc. updates if server updates them using "sv_nomonsters", etc. commands.
- - Fixed bug where if the "no monsters" flag was set, and a co-op level was being played on, the monsters still spawned, and appeared to stand in place on the client end.
- - Added unique spawnable codes for the dark imp fireball and cacolantern fireball.
- - Fixed problem where picking up dehacked items on the client end would not make them disappear.
- - Fixed problem where score ladder on d2st2 occasinally could not be climbed.
- - Flag return ticks are now reset after each level.
- - Fixed problems relating to being permently frozen if you're in time freeze mode, and restart the level.
- - Monster pain chance is now no longer factored into the client end.
- - Fixed telefrag bug where you appeared to be dead on the client end, but were still alive.
- - Normal player sounds are now played when cl_skins is false. Before, even though the player sprite was normal, the sounds associated with the skin would still play.
- - Fixed problem where the silent pickups compatability flag wouldn't work if the silent BFG compatibility flag was enabled.
- - Autoaim now always works in oldschool mode.
- - Fixed a number of minor co-op bugs.
! - Removed cl_noalpha. Turns out it just duplicated the effect of r_drawtrans.
! - Regeneration and degeneration are no longer handled on the client end.
! - Objects are now always infinitely tall in oldschool mode.
! - Players in cooperatvie mode are now considered teammates. The teamdamage cvar now affects how much you can damage your teammates.
! - Text lines are no longer broken up into two or more lines if they're too long to fit the screen in oldschool.
! - The console is now available in oldschool mode.
! - Servers can now enable sv_cheats, allowing cheats.
! - Made r_drawtrans settings save to config file, instead of being set to the default each time Skulltag is loaded.
! - Changed chatting in oldschool mode so it more closely resembles normal chatting.
! - Changed grunt when pushing against a wall to being client-side (of course, other clients still hear the sound).
! - Changed grunting when landing the ground to being client-side (of course, other clients still hear the sound).
! - Split up the "Cable/DSL" connection type into two seperate types. Now, if both the server and client have at least a cable connection, SSG pellets will appear in exactly the right place, as opposed to their position being generated on the client end. (WARNING: This takes a LOT of bandwidth! Only do this if you're hardcore!)
! - Slightly lowered the volume of the firing sound for the minigun.
! - Railgun and BFG10K now produce decals.
! - Missiles now spawn with the exact correctness of speed, position, and angle on the client end if both the server and client have at least a cable connection.
! - Custom names are now allowed in oldschool mode (no more "Green", "Indigo", etc.).

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