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doom = 10 map competition idea

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it's rubbish really, the map has to be in the shape of the number 10. though you can represent the number 10 however you like (e.g. 10 identically sized areas linked by tranporters). heh. maximum area must be playable and not just monster spawn sectors. everything at judges discretion. final entries get compiled into a megawad.

anyone up for it?

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I think it is a bit late to start thinking of a new 10th anniversary project, even if it had a stronger idea behind it.

e.g. "There must be an area in each map that somehow represents the number 10, and each map should be in the style of one of the best pwads from each of those ten years - three per year."

Dunno, something for Doom2's 10th anniversary maybe, but still [newproject]worthy.

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