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How would I change instruments within MUS files or MIDI files that I would change into MUS?

I don't like the Acoustic Snare... :(

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I know of one way to do it, but it may not be what you are looking for. What I would do is take your MIDI file into a music sequencer/editor that supports MIDI (I use FL Studio demo version...it's free to download here,) and check what drum set your MIDI file is using (room, power, acoustic, etc.) Change the drum set to one that you like, then save the MIDI file again and import it back into whatever WAD editor you're using.

I'm afraid you can't do this with MUS files, but if you have a MIDI to MUS converter then you will be good to go. I hope this helped...PM me if you have any questions, k?

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MIDI can sound vastly different depending on the sound card you're playing it through. The majority of people will hear a different snare drum than you anyway.

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I appreciate your efforts, but this was over 5 years ago. I'm a midi composer now, so I know all the things I was clueless about in the past.

Thanks anyways.

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Kyka said:

This bump deserves a Mordeth award or something. :)

A Lazarus award for "extreme necromancy" would be appropriate. :-)

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