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best place to get a domain

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i need to register a domain for a private group.
here is what i want

quick processing
higher traffic support, more space the better.
no adds, ok maybe a banner but no popups
support for more than 1 user
easy uploads from programs (no webbased editng only)

also use of .org
something.org example
best price

also i dont want underhanded stuff like
$30 a year and $5 for each page
adware/popups/junk to get thru
poor traffic support. like geocites and free stuff

any ideas

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buy a domain and be your own web server :P

(ps - what you want I'm pretty sure doesn't exist for a decent price)

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what is the difference between web hosting and domain hosting

not much, i hate this shady shit too.

and what do they mean by pages?
a page to me is each section. like doomworld.com/main.html is a page
doomworld.com/forums.html is a page
or do they mean more like
somethingishere.com is a page
moreshit.com is another page.

i may be a computer tech but i am not a web admin. nor do i deal with alot of stuff in this country. besides last time i did run a site it was 6 years ago.

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Sephiroth said:

what is the difference between web hosting and domain hosting

Domain hosting = the domain name.
Web hosting = the web space and all the bandwidth.

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If you're paying for it then loosely speaking web hosting and domain hosting are one and the same (well, it can be, you can get both done by the same host). An example of an exception is if you get your site hosted by another site. ie doomworld hosts other peoples sites but they don't host domains as such.

I imagine that loosely a 'page' is an html file. Forget this 'page' rubbish. Look at how much web space a hoster is offering, and imagine how many html and image files you can include up to that limit.

html authoring is easy, there are hundreds of primers on the net, and you can write html files in notepad. So you'll probably just need an ftp program to upload the files (although some hosts provide a web based means of uploading, so you can upload using your browser).

If you want to include a noticeboard or you'll need to look for a host that also supports databases. Your host will probably supply and install the software for this, you may just have to request it.

I've already recommended http://www.cleverdot.com/ elsewhere today, but it might be worth your while taking a look. They support databases, php, etc and provide forum software, etc.

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yep used cleverdot.com

damn good i might add. more than i expected (in service not price, only pay 15 a month) 15 for 2 years regisration.

however how the hell do i get started. ok i just need to dick around with it. in my 10 minutes i played with a forum, so i got the forums set up, basicly. however no homepage yet, its finished i just need to set it up.

hey it has been a long time sence i have even touched this sort of thing. and even then i never really got into it.

anyways where is a beginner's guide

if u want check out my forums, only 5 minutes of dicking with it so it aint much. notice my doomworld reference.

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