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Darkhaven3's school of losers who don't know how to use WadAuthor...

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Alright, this thread's point: To teach Dumbasses such as myself how to use WadAuthor and create cool maps.

BTW, this tutorial walks you through the ways that I make maps...


WadAuthor Shareware


Um, yeah. Lesson one, creating a rectangular room. Assuming you went through the trouble to set up this program, right click on anywhere within the grid and click New Rectangular Sector... and click OK. I'll discuss how to use the H/V Size option later.

Now that you have a rectangular sector, you probably want to resize it a little. This can be done two ways; (1) Drag the vertexes to different grid intersections, or (2)Drag a whole Linedef, or "closed wall," to another position on the grid. And, since walls can be placed at any angle in the Doom engine, the linedefs/vertexes don't need to be parallel to each other.


First of all, patches are not used at all in any editor unless you make them into textures (explained in a tutorial I'll make later). Textures on the other hand are pretty much the backbone of Doom, the pictures that are supposed to pass as walls. To retexture one linedef, put your mouse anywhere in the linedef area and right click the linedef when only that linedef is highlighted blue, and click Properties... I'll tell you what BACK/FRONT/ABOVE/BELOW/MAIN mean in lesson 3. Now, to retexture a whole sector's flats, rightclick the whole sector (all linedefs in the sector should be highlighted blue) and click Properties... There should be a menu with the sector's ceiling flat and floor flat. The basic WadAuthor Prefab should have a basic sector's flats set to :



As I said in lesson 2, I'll talk about below, above, and main texturing here.

MAIN: The middle texture, or solid part of a wall. For instance, a closed wall with no height changes should only have a main texture. Sample texture: STARGR1

BELOW: The lower part of a texture, or where a STEP? texture should be placed unless the floor height difference of the two sectors is more than 16. Sample step: STEP6 Sample Tall Step: METAL

ABOVE: See BELOW, except put a texture in the ABOVE field. Sample ABOVE step: STEP2 Sample Tall ABOVE Step: STARTAN1/2

BACK: A back texture should only have a main field filled in if your wad is messed up or you did something wrong. To fix this, right click a linedef/sidedef and press Flip linedef(s)... It's alright to have a BACK/BELOW or BACK/ABOVE texture, however. NOTE: You can have a BACK/MAIN Texture if you're trying to make a column.

FRONT: ALWAYS have a Main texture here unless you're making another sector connected to the linedef/sidedef.

If you didn't understand any single bit of that shit, I'll post more.

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It doesn't take a genius to make doom maps, and why not just use DooM Builder?

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SlowMotionHobo said:

It doesn't take a genius to make doom maps

ssshh, keep your voice down. I've been telling eveyone that it does. If the truth gets out, my friends won't think i'm clever anymore!

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I would remove the bit about not having a main texture on the back of a line. It'll probably just confuse people. Also, you forgot to mention that a room can be resized using the "Scale Sector" feature. Just being thorough.

Heh, this wont stop people from asking about the basics of wad editing.

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Make one on how to use DeePsea, DETH/ZETH, DoomBuilder, and DCK!

Heh, I downloaded WadC once just because I wanted to be the first person to ever release a wad made using it. When I saw all the *.c files that unpacked with it I changed my mind.

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I'd love to know where Ben Morris is so that I can try to convince him to release the DCK 3.62 source code (assuming it isn't lost). Or at the very least, order the full version.

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