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Bruno Vergílio

New level

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Hi, guys!!! I was some time out, but now I´m back. I was studying for the tests that will be given at school next week. But I worked on DOOM too. I made a new map. APOCALYPSE. It replaces level 11 (original DOOM2.EXE), but it has a "ROMERO HEAD" and TWO "BOSS SHOOTER". It´s some difficult, but you have enough ammo to complete the level...
See the Screenshots and grab the file here: http://geocities.yahoo.com.br/brunovwads .
See you later!!!

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Yea, I'd agree.
These remind me of those arena-style wads from back in 95. Most of those are too flat and open. Just monsters in a room.
It just doesn't cut it for today's standards.

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Detail is a good thing, but in the process, do not forget about gameplay, which I find to be more important than the detail of the map.

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