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christmas wishlist

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What do you guys want for Christmas? Only things I want are:
1. Either new computer monitor or an electric guitar
2. Unreal tournament 2003

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Another 512Mb of RAM
2004 calender
Second monitor for my second machine
and more...

I'm limited to 10 items this year (I have 3 brothers, ages 19, 11 and 7)

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New mouse & keyboard
New computer chair
Indiana Jones Trilogy on DVD
Some clothes

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Well, I asked for:

Fight Club (the Book), Masters of Doom (also a book), Civilization 3: Conquests (a video game), and about 40,000 CDs (see previous thread). Also, my mom is buying me all the Drizzt books I don't have, besides the newest one (that would be Silent Blade through The Thousand Orcs).

Hmm, there are some other things I'd like, namely: A bunch of plain black shirts, The Two Towers extended DVD set, some Magic Cards >_<, and love. Lots of love, with hugs.

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-Serial Experiments Lain boxed set
-See Annie more
-Digital camera
-Some PS2 and XBox games
-Darwin fish (actually, the "evolve" fish)

New ones after edit:
-Leather case for iPod
-Anime shirts
-Japanese things
-Techno CDs

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My two fwont teef

Actually, I just want AVP2, Counter-Strike : Condition Zero, Masters of Doom and Lichtspielhaus

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There's only one thing I really want, and that would be a Flat Screen LCD computer monitor. heh.

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Gokuma said:

1. For China to stop testing nukes on the North Pole. Nooooo! Poor Santa!

Global Warming revealed!

Heh, one thing I forgot would be a dynamic mic. Forget the model name, something 57.

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Metroid Prime
Gamecube to play Metroid Prime on
The rest is purely optional. :P

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1. A demo of ZooM
2. Time to spend with my step-family
3. More things to program if the ZooM demo is done
4. A boyfriend or girlfriend
5. Magical powers

And what the hell, Assmaster? Don't set your standards so high. Not everyone can get a flatscreen monitor for Christmas, that's life.

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your requests suck. And so do mine.

not that I expect to get any of the following:

a nice guitar capo

Survivor, by Chuck Palahniuk

Dubliners, by James Joyce

For Whom The Bell Tolls, by Ernest Hemingway

The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger

CD wishlist:

A Perfect Circle:
-Mer de Noms
-Thirteenth Step

The Who:
-Sell Out
-By Numbers

Nine Inch Nails
-Down In It (stencil edition with HLAH tracks)
-Head Like A Hole
-Closer to God
-The Perfect Drug (German import)
-The Day The World Went Away
-Things Falling Apart
-We're in this together, parts 1,2, and 3 (Swedish imports)
-Bleedthrough (heh)

-The land of rape and honey

Aphex Twin:
-Selected Ambient Works '85-'92
-Selected Ambient Works, Volume 2
-Come to Daddy EP

-Salvial DVD

Mike Oldfeild:
-Tubular Bells
-the Songs of Distant Earth

Led Zeppelin:
-Physical Graffiti
-How the West was Won

Bob Dylan:
-Nashville Skyline
-Blonde on Blonde
-Blood on the Tracks
-Bringing it all back home

Johnny Cash:
-American 4
-at San Quentin
-at Folsom Prison

Pat Methany:
-Secret story
-Imaginary Day

The Beatles:
-the Red Album
-the White album
-Magical Mystery Tour

Skinny Puppy:
-Too Dark Park
-Cleanse, Fold, and Mainipulate
-Mind: the perpetual intercorse

Paul Gilbert:
-Beehive Live
-Aligator Farm
-Burning Organ

Pink Floyd:
-Wish you were here

The Smashing Pumpkins:
-Siamese Dream

-In Utero
-From the muddy banks of the Wishka

-Vulgar display of power

-Kill 'em all
-...and justice for all
-Black album
-Ride the lightning

-a picture of nectar

Instrument wishlist (yeah right)

a Marshal stack
Moog Taurus pedals
Mellowtron, Mark 4
Boss pedals, including
-mega distortion
-phase shift
-acoustic simulator
a jazz wah pedal
Yamaha DX7
Danelectro "free speach" talk box
Gibson Les Paul
Gibson SG with a P-90 soapbar neck pickup
Yamaha SG1500
Rickenbacker 4080
Fender Precision bass
Fender Stratocaster with humbuckler bridge pickup
Fender Jazzmaster
Fender Telecaster, holobody with f-hole
a banjo
a mandolin
a Dobro
a tamborine

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