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Deathmatch Stuff

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Two questions...

1. Is there a way to make a script that only executes in Deathmatch?

2. Can Thing_Remove target a specific breed of monsters like T_IMP instead of a tag?

I don't want to go around and click on EVERY monster in my new level and tell it not to show up in deathmatch... that would take too long.

Oh yeah I might as well ask this one too...

3. Is there anyway to spawn a command keen? I use it as my mini cyberdemon and I can't spawn them, but the ZDoom reference guide is so out of date I thought there might be something like

Thing_Spawn (1, T_KEEN, 0);
Well that about does it... can anybody answer these?

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if((gametype() == GAME_NET_DEATHMATCH)
2. I'm not sure Thing_Remove works on a specific type of monster. I've only used it for monsters with a certain tid.

3. Don't know.

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Ok that there is great... I was wondering if I were to use

Thing_Destroy (0);
Would that only destroy the monsters? Or would it kill the player, weapons, etc. as well? Only problem is there would be a lot of corpses around.

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