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Eternity Engine v3.31 beta 4 to Launch Tomorrow

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I have made the decision to release EE v3.31 public beta 4 tomorrow, *without* fixes for the 3D thing clipping bug or the music volume slider.

The first has not been touched by SoM after seven days of me waiting for him to even talk to me, so I figure it's not going to get done in the next 2 days to allow an on-schedule release. The latter was getting put off until the former was done, and now there is not sufficient time left for me to test the music slider if I restored it.

These features should appear in EE v3.31 beta 5, which I hope to release during December, although that depends entirely on whether SoM decides he's going to help out with it. We wanted to implement his new skyboxes, horizons, and particle effects in the next beta.

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