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spawn items when a monster die

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I'm using Zdoom.
How can I do to make a monster spawn certain item each time hi dies?
I tried with "thing spawn no fog" comand, but the item is only spawned the first time the monster dies. If he is resurrected the item is not spawned anymore.

I really can't replace it with a zombieman, chainguner, shotgun guy or nazy and their respective droped items.

BTW, is there a way I can that monsters respawn only in a certain level via ACS or mapinfo?

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It's kinda simple actually... Just give your monster a TID and then make it exexute a script when it dies then add a script like this

Thing_SpawnNoFog (monsterTID, ThingType, 0)
And that should do it.

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I don't think it's possible to give an archvile-resurrected monster a special. The same goes for pain elemental-spawned lost souls and monsters from the icon of sin.

(btw, you use the special box on the thing, you dont need a script)

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